February 19, 2011

Godspeed You! Black Emperor at the Showbox SoDo


Godspeed You! Black Emperor has simultaneously always been on my list of bands I would kill to see live and list of bands that I was convinced that I would never see live. I was obviously a bit late to jump on their bandwagon, like many bands of the sort. As much as I would love to have listened to post-rock in my youth, I was only eight or nine when GY!BE stopped touring and went on an indefinite hiatus. I only discovered their music a little over a year ago.

Yet last year, out of absolutely nowhere, this legendary group announced their reunion, of which was to be accompanied with touring throughout Europe and the US. I crossed my fingers for a Seattle show and when a string of tour dates was released in September, my wishes were granted. I’m pretty sure the show had sold out in under a week, further reminding me of how special of an experience this show was going to be. And sure enough, it surpassed all my expectations.

While I hope to never fall to the level of a vain and incomprehensible Sunn O))) fan when describing some incredible live show experience, I must say that this show definitely claims a name as one of the best that I’ve seen and it’s difficult to communicate after experiencing something like that. I connect with music on a very emotional level, especially when it comes to post-rock. My senses were, of course, flooded with the music—from the rushing energy gathering from the furiously approaching climax to the piercing notes of the violin, dropped so cautiously into the tense ambiance—but also the visual half—the nostalgic lighting was just enough to partially illuminate the faces surrounding me and cast the shadows of the musicians on stage onto the backdrop behind them, where film loops of lonely landscapes and sad birds were being played. Put simply, it was quite hypnotic. I, like most of those around me, just stood there captivated with eyes and ears open as dark, desolate atmospheres were constructed around us.

I was a bit surprised at the length of time for which they played. It’s a common known fact that GY!BE ‘songs’ are lengthy pieces, usually spanning upwards of 20 minutes, yet they played seven of them. I was thrilled that “Storm,” a rather upbeat and giant crescendo of a song, was their opener—such a great gathering of energy. And being most familiar with Yanqui U.X.O. and Lift Yr. Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven, I excitedly recognized “Sleep” and “rockets fall on Rocket Falls” within their first couple seconds. Out of the full tracklist, posted here, I can now only not recognize “Albanian.” Not sure where that comes from, or whether it’s even been officially released? I just wish I hadn’t gone to this show so sleep deprived, because after four or five hours of standing in one place, I was hit by a wavve of fatigue.

Regardless, months of patient waiting have been appropriately awarded and I’m certain that that anyone else who has the pleasure to be seeing this group play a show on this tour will feel the same. Embrace the apocalypse that GY!BE are playing for—it’s a beautifully lonely world.


Photos by Monika Sapek

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August 29, 2010

Boris & Red Sparowes @ Neumos


Helms Alee played as well. I mostly went to this show to see Red Sparowes (call me boring, whatever), but Boris headlining was also a plus. I'm not even obsessed with Red Sparowes or anything, but I've been wanting to go to a post-rock show for ages. Most all post-rock bands that filter through Seattle play at Neumos, where nearly every show is 21+. So... this Red Sparowes show is probably one of the few opportunities that will come up for me for a while to see some post-rock live.

I was fairly impressed by all three bands. I wasn't even expecting to like Helms Alee, as I heard their music online prior to the show and didn't enjoy it much, but apparently they sound much better live. Still, I was stroked to see Red Sparowes, and when they took the stage I was absolutely astonished. Up till that day, their latest album had never really 'clicked' with me, but hearing them play it live definitely changed something. They were just killer, but sadly only played a 45-minute set.

Boris. Boris was insane— but let me first say that I'm not actually familiar with their music all that much. I listened to Pink maybe once in 2k8 or something and enjoyed it, but I'm not well acquainted with anything beyond that. I feel like it's necessary to 'know' their music in order to fully appreciate their live show, but I was impressed regardless. I just wish I had stayed in the front longer (I was around 3rd row at the beginning) instead of going to the back in hope of actually getting to 'hear' their music. The acoustics blow in almost every corner of that venue and the insane volume at which Boris played at didn't really help. Better to stay in the front and have just have fun. I guess my only other complaint would be about the length of their setlist. One and a half hours? It would've been nice if Red Sparowes could have had 15 of those minutes (that's like one song I know w/e).

Helms Alee


Red Sparowes <3 u






so dro)))ne





Photos by Monika Sapek

P.S. Sorry for the lack of content this month. I'm currently working on a review of a lovely ambient album that will be posted soon and also have plans for other things too.

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June 28, 2010

Portugal. The Man @ Neumos


I finally had the opportunity to see Portugal. The Man last Friday! I’ve sadly had to skip out on them the last few times they’ve come around. I was rather devastated when the free show they played in Seattle a couple months back was 21+, but was relieved to hear they were coming back for an all ages show. So glad I didn’t have to pass this opportunity by again!

This had to be one of the first shows where I was as impressed by the opening bands as by the headliner. Morning Teleportation and The Builders and the Butchers are Portland-based bands supporting Portugal. The Man on a short wave of West Coast dates. The former are a very energetic and very strange psychedelic group. Something you’d imagine being the outcome of Algernon Cadwallader meets of Montreal. Yes, that weird. The latter, wielders of acoustic string instruments, are a surprisingly aggressive folk band. I never knew mandolins and banjos could be strummed so viciously. Their songs are titled as such: “Devil Town”, “Slowed Down Trip to Hell”, and “Raise Up Your Weary Hands”. Both bands were great and made the wait for Portugal. The Man (they played at 10.50, doors opened at 8.00) slightly less agonizing.

I suppose it paid off to arrive even earlier than 8.00, as I got to stand in the front row for one of my favourite bands. The acoustics at Neumos undoubtedly suck, but you can still hear a good amount up front (well, I wasn’t as deafened as when seeing the Antlers). I also snagged a setlist and got a high five from John ;) No American Ghetto material was played, but the show was still phenomenal, particularly the end. “People Say” and “AKA M80 the Wolf” plus “Created” and “1989” for encore. The lights were blindingly beautiful. I do regret not making a move into Portugal’s earlier work sooner as I was unfamiliar with most of the songs in the middle of the set. I bought Waiter: “You Vultures!” at the show though and I’m thoroughly addicted now!

Morning Teleportation




The Builders and the Butchers



Portugal. The Man

Sneaks peaks at the setlist. Hey, optical illusion: Is that a waterbottle or a paper cup?



This is how Portugal makes me feel on the inside.


I loved these lights




Non-shitty photos by Monika Sapek.

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May 07, 2010

The Antlers at Neumos


I’m beginning to have doubts about the quality of shows at Neumos after seeing two flawless ones at The Showbox last month. It’s nice to be able to get close enough to the band to touch their feet (I don’t actually do this), but it’s definitely not worth it when you can’t hear shit; just the deafening thumps of overpowered bass. And of course, it gets worse and worse the closer you get to the stage. I guess I was also expecting the Antlers’ show to be kind of quiet-er. The sound didn’t work too hot for them here. Vocals were basically gone. Drowned beneath the LOUDNESS. Which is a real shame, since the singer has a pretty nice voice.

But from what I could make out, they played pretty well. I couldn’t see the drummer that well, but the dude on the keyboards was turning all sorts of knobs and tapping all these pedals through the entire show… I found myself watching his feet a lot.



Those little plants on the set were the greatest things ever.




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April 15, 2010

The xx at the Showbox


Last Monday, just two days after seeing Jónsi, I saw The xx play in Seattle! Same venue too! The Showbox is a bit infamous for its unreliable sound quality. It really varies with the headliner, but I have to say the sound really delivered at both shows I saw. The show was originally supposed to be at the Nightlight way up in Bellingham, but it got closed down or something, so it was moved to the Showbox. Whatever it takes to bring these guys to Seattle, I guess. (I’m not going to Sasquatch :( … )

I was actually expecting a larger crowd to flock The xx show, but having arrived after the doors were opened, we found that not too large of a crowd had accumulated. I grabbed a place in the first row, right on the rail for most of the show (which I had been unable to do at the Jónsi show, despite arriving over an hour prior to the doors opening), after buying a copy of jj’s jj n° 2 at the merch stand (!!!). It felt like a beginning to a perfect night, you know?

I should have suspected that a show from identity-secreting and media-eluding Swedes, jj, should not sound as promising as I longed for it to be. Maybe the very amusing matchup of two-letter, double-syllable band names was a premonition of something too good to be. Whatever it is, jj seem to take touring as a joke, I guess. It took a few tries for The xx to get them to accompany them on tour and it seems like jj still aren’t convinced. Their live show is pathetic and disgraceful to both themselves and The xx. It consists of their music being played from a laptop while singer Elin half-heartedly sings, no doubt drugged up, in between drinking from a plastic cup and having a conversation on stage with her fellow band member, Joakim, whose main role appears to be facing backwards holding his guitar and occasionally jumping off stage. Unprofessional doesn’t even begin to describe it. Unlike Nosaj Thing, the first opener, they don’t even put effort into pretending to play their music. It’s karoke on drugs or something. Seriously, how snotty do you have to be to commit such disrespect, to both the audience and the band bringing you on tour? You can tell from the way Oliver Sim, bassist and vocalist of The xx, thanked jj for opening for them that their insolence had hit him somewhere.

The xx on the other hand, played such a fantastic show, definitely compensating for jj’s less than sub-par performance. They played nearly every song from their debut album and also a cover (the only song I don’t remember being played was Crystalised, but I could easily be missing something; I was having too much fun to remember the setlist!). Romy and Oliver’s voices proved to be very strong live and the instrumentals matched that. Their spacious pop music doesn’t seem to have much room for variance, but they managed to stick in some interesting twists while still keeping it very recognizable. I enjoyed the show as a whole, but if I am to recount “favourite parts” they would be: 1. The resonating thump of Jamie’s drum machine thing during “Fantasy” (the live version of that song also drew my attention to what Oliver to was singing), and 2. Romy’s vocals during “Shelter”. Beautiful.

Here be photos!—mostly taken by Monika Sapek, but I also snapped a few:

Nosaj Thing


The xx








When was the last time I went to sleep before 11 on a school night?

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April 12, 2010

Jónsi at the Showbox SoDo

By reading this blog entry, I’m going to very safely assume that you’re either reading about a concert of Jónsi’s for: A. the first time, or B. not the first time (maybe the millionth). Whichever it may be, I’m not going to waste too much of your time with words. What use is there in trying to describe something so indescribable? I can toss around words like “beautiful”, “otherworldly”, and “unbelievable”, but they won’t do much good. So I suppose that from this point you can either skip to the photos and videos below, or continue reading through my spurt of messy thoughts if you’d like; but do keep in mind that I’ve still got my head way up in the clouds.


I remember when it was announced that 59 Productions was working with Jónsi on his tour, they said that no way would this just be Jónsi on stage with an acoustic guitar through the whole set. And from watching the show preview videos I knew that they were planning to produce something more than just a live show. It would be mindblowing. It turned out that the show did start out on a soft note, Jónsi at first unaccompanied by the band, and gradually grew to an immense climax as more instruments and more energy was introduced. But as soon as Jónsi stepped on stage alone, holding just his guitar, and let his haunting falsetto hit the air in “Stars in Still Water” ( “then did a shiver erupt amidst the crowd…”), I knew he didn’t need an expensive production to wow us. His voice is enough to drop the jaws of his audience and glaze their eyes over with tears.

That said, with all the added elements, the show rose to an even more seemingly unattainable level of awesome. The music was perfect and the production gorgeous. Everyone in the band played with incredible passion. And as the show rolled along so many things began to happen in the background it was hard to decide where to look and what to focus on. My mum and I both admit to tearing up during “Kolniður”. Musically, I can say it was the greatest part of the show, and if you add that to its gorgeous animation of the running wolf unwinding in the background, you’ve got a recipe for the most heartbreaking performance ever. The sky seemed to explode during that blowing crash in the middle of the song. Oh, just thinking about it…! “Animal Arithmetic”, during the encore, was also especially memorable. Jónsi came out in a headdress and danced like crazy. It was so fun! The energy kept flying till the very end of the show through the dizzying “Grow Till Tall”. But oh! This was “Grow Till Tall” like you’ve never seen it! The musical crescendo was complemented by a visual one as blinding lights and snowflakes swept off the stage and straight through your very heart till you were high with sorrow and euphoria. Really, if this wasn’t one of the greatest shows I will ever see in my life, then I’ve got a hell of a concert-going future ahead of me.


IMG_1121 Jonsi.jpg


IMG_1147 Jonsi.jpg


IMG_1156 Jonsi i Alex.jpg
cutest picture of all time ^^^

IMG_1161 small .jpg

IMG_1164 razem.jpg

IMG_1174 Jonsi i Ania .jpg
^^^ I met him after the show. He signed my CD in Icelandic and shook my hand :) Needless to say, it was the greatest day of my life.

Now, I'm hurrying off to go see The xx at the Showbox very very soon (same place, 2 days later! I feel some nostalgia coming on!). Might expand on this a bit later.

These photos were featured on [jonsi.com]!

You can see them on my [flickr] as well. I think I'm going to start using that thing!

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April 10, 2010

ODDSAC screening


I think there’s a reason I’m a little afraid to watch Animal Collective music videos. So okay “Who Could Win a Rabbit” is pretty funny every so often, but just getting a glimpse at “Peacebone” unsettles me… It’s creepy, and not the same type of creepy as Aphex Twin’s “Come to Daddy” music video. There’s a “disturbing” factor involved, which is expected considering that AnCo’s music isn’t exactly easygoing all of the time (no MPP interjections allowed here). With this thought in mind, I purchased tickets to see ODDSAC somewhat nervously. I had little idea of what to expect. Did anyone really? The 30 second trailer for the movie didn’t provide much to expand on, but it turned out the movie didn’t either.

If you don’t already know, ODDSAC is a long-term visual album/movie project of Animal Collective and Danny Perez (who has done music videos for AnCo before). The idea was apparently conjured several years back whilst AnCo was on tour, which could explain why ODDSAC is dramatically different from the band’s 2009 releases. They claim it to be their most “experimental” work yet which I think I’m willing to agree with. The movie has been screened on 8 different dates so far (w/ multiple showings on some dates), and more is to come. I saw the most recent showing at the Egyptian Theatre in Seattle a little while ago. There is a release planned for the DVD this summer, but nothing concerning just the audio.

I’m not really sure what the hell these guys were thinking when they came up with the idea of this psychedelic horror film. 2009’s MPP was a leap for them, drawing in a new, larger audience, but I don’t think it made ODDSAC a safe territory to venture into. In a way, I’m also sort of glad they decided to retain their weirdness and create ODDSAC instead of continuing down the MPP/Fall Be Kind pop route (and I say this as someone who really enjoys their latest work), but it became a disappointing attempt more than a creative side-tangent. But perhaps one thing we can still admire AnCo for is their unpredictability.

Both artistically and musically, the movie begins somewhat ambitiously. The opening scene includes a little box-house in a dark field. From a window in the house, you can see dancing figures carrying lit torches or something outside. There is a girl inside the house who is looking rather unsettled and worried. Between possibly-artsy shots of the light-dancers outside and her in the house, the focus is directed towards the wall of the house. The girl is pretty interested in the battered wall, especially when it starts oozing bloody black goo which she then frantically tries to hold back, but fails as the flow becomes more and more intense. Things get messy and soon enough it seems as though the girl has stopped fighting the goo and instead is tossing it around almost with enjoyment. The music accompanying this scene is equally dramatic: layers of strange noises over a thumping ambience and somewhat-distorted low vocals. As the scene progresses, dark sounds erupt beneath the ambience that give a feeling of pounding drums (though nothing in the song actually implies clear instrumentation). These thumping echoes add an explosive and disturbed atmosphere to the goo-battle. I was actually excited by this scene, but disappointedly found that this is basically one of two parts in the movie that is aesthetically pleasing.

The canoe scene, along with the “canoe song”, is another well-recognized part of the film. Here, we see a creepy white monster thing (I honestly couldn’t recognize who was who throughout most the film— the guys from AnCo do play in it though) sailing his little canoe through what seems to be a dark cave, lit only by a light positioned on his canoe. The filming in this scene is gorgeous. The camera is never directly focused on White-Face Monster, but instead slowly reveals eerie shots of his canoe slipping along the dark waters, the white light illuminating just parts of his face. The music also does its part to add to the scene’s beauty. Not only is this the first entrance of Panda Bear’s lovely voice in the movie (are those sighs of relief I hear?), but that familiar voice is also singing to the dark melody of an acoustic guitar. What?! When was the last time we heard that in Animal Collective’s music? Beautiful song, and even quite relieving after the sea of messy noise that precedes and follows it. I had heard this song prior to the show (from a source which has now removed it), but getting to hear it along with the stunning imagery was all the more impacting.

Only about 20 minutes into ODDSAC, the artistic value of the movie begins to diminish and the entire thing goes downhill. We continue to see more unrelated scenes filled with dysfunctional creatures, each one more bizarre than the last, yet none of them seem to find any solid ground to stand on. Though there is no "meaning" directly conveyed behind the canoe scene and the goo-scene, those scenes make your mind struggle with their story and are interesting enough to invoke thoughts and ideas in the viewer/listener. Aside from those two scenes, there are only underdeveloped ideas that also float around through the film. Nothing too cohesive. There are marshmallows eating people, a vampire bleeding to death under the rays of the sun, some strange creature washing egg-like rocks in a river, and the White-Face Monster also makes another bizarre appearance at a girl’s slumber party. Most of it is incoherent, but a few of the more amusing scenes warmly invited some snickering and hushed what the fuck’s from the audience. But after carrying on through the same ideas for extended periods of time, the humor was easily lost. The musical accompaniment was no stronger, nor more interesting. Most of the music in the second half of the film is fuzzy seas of noise, a messy ambience that doesn’t actually get anywhere.

The scenes in the movie that have strong visuals and complementary audio raise interest and are worth seeing, but they are few and become overpowered by an incoherent mess. It also didn't help that the venue screening the film also had awful, awful sound and image quality. Nevertheless, it didn’t fail to attract an abundance of pretentious idiots shitting themselves over the film. Don’t get me wrong, I’m friends with plenty of AnCo fans, but just listen to some of these people talk. The guy in front of me spewed out the most illogical, babbling heap of a question during the Q&A, AnCo had no idea what he was talking about and I’m not even sure he did himself. Probably just fapping over the idea of speaking to them. I imagine they have to put up with a handful of those egotistical idiots at every show.


Thankfully there were some intelligible discussion during the Q&A. Which came first, the music or the visuals? [response below]. Where is Panda Bear? Well, he is in Lisbon and it’s sort of a long way to fly just to answer some questions. Deakin, are you back in the band now? What? I don’t see myself as ever having left the band. But please, let’s keep all questions about the film. I appreciate your concern though (lol).

So... did it blow my mind?

Am I going to buy it on DVD?

Am I glad I went?
Yes, as a big fan of Animal Collective, I am glad I went. (My dad on the other hand... ;)

[ODDSAC website]

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February 27, 2010

Suzanne Vega @ The Moore Theatre

Two days ago, my mum and I were lucky enough to be able to go see Suzanne Vega preform live at the Moore Theatre in Seattle.

Suzanne Vega is a well known singer-songwriter in folk-pop music. She was first recognized for her incredible songwriting talent (her songs are like poetry, no joke) in the late 80s and has released 8 studio albums over the years. Recently, however, she was dropped by her record label, who snatched up the rights to the original recordings of her songs and left her with nothing (like we didn't already know record labels were complete whores). And in response to this, Vega has started down a path that potentially could have looked like a half-assed way of saving her career, but instead came off as a rather bold move. On her own independent label, she's re-recording acoustic versions of her songs and releasing them on a series of themed albums, the first of which is called Love Songs. We got a signed copy of this album after the show!

I promised photos in my post yesterday and I'm done editing them, so here we go!

Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture of the Moore from the outside, but here's the stage before the show:



This is probably the best photo from the whole show. Everyone was seated and there was almost no one else taking photos, so I was hesitant in taking out my camera (flashy light!) so I didn't get that many shots, but this one is nice.

Also, I was sitting in the very center which is a very fun angle to take photos from...


In addition to her guitarist and bassist, Suzanne was also accompanied by 4 string players Andrew, Alina, Danah and Seth from the Seattle Rock Orchestra for part of the set.

Signing albums after the show.

Go see more photos taken by the Seattle PI's photographer Kam Martin.

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December 12, 2009

Mew @ Neumos

Here be concert photos! Please read on! :)


I first heard Mew last summer when their new single "Introducing Palace Players" was released (you might remember me mentioning the music video with the cute snails). I quickly moved onto their "Frengers" album and instantly fell in love with that as well. When "No More Stories" was released in August, I excitedly bought it as soon as I could, as well as the EP preceding it. Their music is so beautiful and unique. It's had me absolutely obsessed for months (they're my top artist for the past six months on lastfm ;) I made no hesitation in buying tickets when I heard they were touring.

TL;DR: I love this band very much and got a chance to see them play live. And I will now happily share that wonderful experience with you.

So, they played at Neumo's last Thursday, as the title suggests. It was a school night, so I pulled an "FFFFFFF SKOOL!!!!" and had fun for once... so much fun that I only got 4 hours of sleep ;)

But anyways, it was my first time at Neumo's. I can't say whether I liked it better than El Corazon since the crowd size of the shows I saw was quite different, but it's a nice little venue. I love small shows, they're much more personal and fun.

Here's the setlist (thanks to some nice people on the Mew forums)

Introducing Palace Players
Special (long)
Zookeeper's Boy
Sometimes Life Isn't Easy
Am I Wry? No
Silas the Magic Car
Saviors of Jazz Ballet
Circuitry of the Wolf
Chinaberry Tree
Snow Brigade
Louise Louisa

Awesome? Yeah, I thought so. The only song I didn't recognize was "Bear", but the rest of the setlist is soooooooo good. During the encore (after "Beach" I think) they asked us what song we'd like to hear. I was dying for them to play "Swimmer's Chant" seeing as they hadn't really played anything quiet up till that point except for "Silas the Magic Car". Although I didn't get that wish granted, they did play "Snow Brigade" which is also another favourite of mine. I thought "Comforting Sounds" would be a great closer, but it turned out "Louise Louisa" was maybe even better. Mew can do no wrong.

Unfortunately, it took a really long time before even The Lonely Forest (opening band) starting playing, but it was worth the wait.

The Lonely Forest is a band from Anacortes, WA. They released a new album this year called "We Sing The Body Electric!". I regret not buying it there at the show, because I actually enjoyed the songs, but I'll probably end up getting it off amazon or something.

But anyways, I got a few shots of these guys. They were pretty funny. The mic was freakin' out the lead singer and shocking the fillings in his teeth (?!?), so he put his sock over it. It was lol. He asked if this would appear on some blogs. You bet it is ;)



Oh, and call me crazy, but I thought the singer looked like Noah Lennox / Panda Bear. Y/N?


Bo! They opened with Introducing Palace Players, leading right into Special. It made me so happy, you don't even know.

Trippy lights?

I realized later that the mic stand was in the way of Jonas' head in just about EVERY picture D: But he still looks adorable, so it's o-kay.



These next few are too awesome, I can't pick just one



I love the lights !

Snazzy 8)


Again, such cool lighting. I especially love the red.




Gahh, I just love these guys. I didn't have a chance to meet them at this show, but maybe next time :) I still can't stop listening to Mew. I don't really go to shows that often, so that might be the reason for obsessing after seeing this show... but either way, an amazing show always leaves you ecstatic and longing for more. And this most certainly was an "amazing show". I hope I'll see these guys again someday :)

If you've noticed... no, I couldn't see Silas or the bassist very well. Or... not at all. I was standing off to the right and everyone was taller than me by at least a head. I didn't really know beforehand what kind of fanbase Mew attracted. I only knew that almost no one my age listens to them. That stayed true, seeing as most of the people there were young adults... not really anyone under 17 or 18. It was still very fun though. I absolutely fell in love with "Repeaterbeater" and "Sometimes Life Isn't Easy" after hearing them played live (I remember saying I wasn't impressed with the latter when writing my review of No More Stories... I take it back ;)

Oh, I got an awesome shirt!

On a really random sidenote... I got the new Animal Collective EP, "Fall Be Kind", yesterday. Good stuff. Once I listen to it a few times I'll try to write again. Winterbreak starts Saturday. I just have to live through tomorrow. O-kay, bye now.

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July 23, 2009

Sinful Attraction

So... I've had an interesting summer so far. I went to the Oregon coast for a week (I probably already said that before) and then my friend Amber came and stayed here for a week so we showed her around Seattle and stuff (she's from CT). And afterwords I went to stay with her. I got to go to NYC other places which I will most likely write about in another badly written blog post sometime soon.

I definitely have said all that before

But due to lack of time and motivation (mostly lack of motivation) I'm just going to post pictures from the Tori Amos concert that Amber and I went to. Maybe when I have a moment I'll upload some others from the past few weeks... but for now, just these:


moar pictures this way--->


Tori was amazing. The setlist was amazing. The whole show was amazing. Just amazing. I have an amazing vocabulary too.

I guess I might as well mention that this was my third time seeing her live... but only the first time it actually meant anything to me. As a 10 year old, there was nothing for me to find in her music. She was just a pianist who's concerts I went to so I could stay up late on a school night. But now as a teenage girl who has a great appreciation for good music ;) and can relate to her songs, it was a completely different experience. An experience I hope I can have again in the future, because the concerts I went to in the past were definitely wasted on me.



She "wore green for the emerald city" and was in this interesting pose for most of the show (:

intense hair flip




I have no idea what picture corresponds to what song, but I know for a fact that this was Past The Mission (sadly, with no suprise guest appearance by TR ):

At some point during the show (somewhere near the end) she forgot the lyrics. "oh, fuck the lyrics". Only Tori (:

I did enjoy hearing the new songs live, but my favourites that she played were Precious Things, Bliss, and Icicle. She also made me fall in love with Sugar after playing it that night.

The merch was pretty cool too. I got a Maybe California shirt.

And now you get to hear my little rant: I took videos at the concert. I was really excited because this was the first show of the tour and everyone was dying to see what would happen. But since my shitty little camera is old and shitty the sound quality (well... the overall quality) turned out really shitty so the videos suck. Some d00d Robert Schrader took all the youtube glory by taping the entire show and providing the world with flawless footage. Haha... not trying to pick on you. Just jealous ;D Go watch his videos.

But if anyone is interested in my videos (hah, if only I had posted this a week or two earlier when people actually still CARED), well.. here's:

Past The Mission
Big Wheel
Welcome To England

And a video I put together from clips of most of the show.

I think that's all the babbling that needed to be done... Congratulations! Go home now!

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June 09, 2009

Modwheelmood @ El Corazon


Yup... I went to this show yesterday. I can't believe it came and went so fast. I guess part of the reason it arrived here so fast was because I wasn't obsessing over it as much as say, seeing NIN, but I have to say, it was a kickass little show.

Read on for epicness and win (and pictures of Ally ;D) --->

Okay, the venue they played in, El Corazon, was really small. I'm sure that if a band with a larger fanbase played there, it could get quite uncomfortable (which is probably the reason for most people's complaints about the place), but no more than 35 / 40 people showed up for Modwheelmood, so it was pretty sweet. However, the best part was definitely their relaxed camera policy. I wish all concerts were like that.

There were two bands that played before mwm. I didn't bother to take any pictures of the first act (which i can't remember the name of anyways). He just pretended to play his overly-distorted guitar as pre-recorded tracks played in the background and porn flashed on the screen. It kind of scared me.

Thankfully after he finished his [somewhat long] set we actually got to see a real band play: The Crying Spell. I have to admit, they did look rather emo/poser, but they were actually okay. I stole their setlist after the show.




This guy was pretty BA



They were pretty cool, but everyone gladly welcomed Modwheelmood to the stage. They didn't start playing till 11 pm (we got there at 9, and I didn't even know there were 2 opening bands to sit through first).



Pelle. I think I only got like... 3 pictures of him lol

They had a drummer with them (I can't remember his name though)




I love the colours in this one


some guy kept telling Ally that he loved him, and Ally was like "....OKAY"




No buchla, but he had his little.... box :) (during Problem Me)

I also took several videos (sound quality isn't amazing, but they're still worth watching ;) ). So come watch them here:

Things Will Change
Problem Me
Scared of Everyone

I also stole their setlist, haha. I was so excited when I saw they were playing Scared of Everyone! Such a good song. And of course, after the concert, I got re-addicted to their music... and discovered how good Delay Lama and Crumble are!

...And I got a poster autographed :D (I got another picture with him, but I look extremely retarded, so I'm not posting it.)

See! Legit autograph..

Aghhhhh, I really want to see them if they ever come back. Even if it's on a school night again (I got 5 hours of sleep that night... and barely any the night before, so I've been dead all week). Next concert is... Tori Amos. July!

It took me like two days to write this, in between homework and stuff. I think I need to go finish my math now...


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July 30, 2008

Lights in the Sky

For those not aware, NIИ is currently on their Lights in the Sky Over North America tour, and making their stops throughout the US and Canada. Tomorrow night marks the 5th performance of the tour. Just a few days ago [July 26th], the first "official" day of the tour, they stopped in Seattle, and I got to see the most amazing band ever preform live! :o)


1,000,000 [!]
Letting You
Discipline [!]
March Of The Pigs [!]
Head Down
The Frail
Closer [!]
Gave Up [!]
The Warning
The Great Destroyer
Ghosts 1 [!]
Ghosts 25
Ghosts 19
Piggy [!]
The Greater Good
Wish [!]
Terrible Lie [!]
Survivalism [!]
The Big Come Down
Ghosts 31
Only [!]
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like A Hole [!]
Echoplex [!]
The Beginning of the End
The Good Soldier
Hurt [!!!!]
In This Twilight

We got there a bit late, so we missed most of Crystal Castles' performance. And frankly I'm not too upset about that... I do admit to liking two of their songs [Crimewave and Alice Practice], but they kind of scare me.

Anyways, NIN was AMAZING. They played lot of my favourite songs [and I have to say, Year Zero is now finally starting to grow on me] and the light show was spectacular. Apart from there being some idiots in the audience, it was an awesome night.

Since I'm very talented, I took my camera in with me and got some kickass pictures....

Robin, Josh, and that nine inch nails guy..... whatshisface... oh, right, Trent ;o)

Alessandro, Trent, half of Robin, and you can even sort of see Justin [far left].


Justin, Alessandro, Trent and Robin.

Straight from the crowd.

He lost an arm. Poor guy.

Why does Justin always stare up at the sky?


Terrible Lie, I think...?

Trent showing off his awesome guitar skillz.


Survivalism, with a live 'music-video-like' visuals. We got to see a lady pee, people walking around, and creepy closeups of Trent screaming. Yay.




Love the lighting.

I guess they decided it's cool to hide from the audience behind a screen for half the show.


Head Like A Hole, or The Hand That Feeds or something weird like that.

Pink again...?

Bow down before the one you serve....


That ends my album of amazing pictures. Please contact me at amazingphotography@anna.sapek.com to purchase full size prints of any of the above shown images..


Oh, by the way, I'm renaming the site as "Pretty Hate Machine". Stay tuned to watch me screw up my website again!

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