February 27, 2014

iamamiwhoami singles

The new iamamiwhoami single came out last night. I'm super excited for her new album. So far, the new stuff sounds a little less dark, but still great.

Hunting for Pearls


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February 13, 2014

CEO - Wonderland

I've been listening to CEO's new album "Wonderland" a lot lately. I can't help but hear some things in this album that remind me of other artists. I hear Passion Pit, Baths, M83, Animal Collective, and maybe even some jj. The last track is an especially good example, it sounds like something off of Passion Pit's "Gossamer":

I don't mean to say that CEO doesn't have his own sound. He certainly does, and I've enjoyed it since hearing "White Magic." "Wonderland" is a pretty creative and fun album. It borrows from the best elements of electropop artists and the like, but doesn't seem to find any constraints.

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