December 29, 2011

Another New Year, Another Disappointing Post

For some reason, the "Happy New Year" post is especially popular with v.iagra-selling spammers. This is getting really annoying so I think I'll post a new New Years-esque post and use it as an opportunity to namedrop some interesting bands/artists I've been listening to lately. I'm sorry about all review requests I did not fulfill and the lists I did not post. Somewhere in the future lies a day I will redeem my blog again, but it is not today, nor tomorrow.. óBut back on topic, here we go:

Bark Psychosis
Boards of Canada
Baths (I saw him live a couple weeks ago!)
Avi Buffalo (also saw live, with the Antlers, a couple months ago)
Lily Allen
The Drums

That's all for now.

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