January 19, 2012



If you name your band “Yuck,” you pretty much have an obligation not to sound awful; otherwise the joke’s on you. Fortunately, this British noise rock band doesn’t live up to its name. Their self-titled debut is far from disgusting. I daresay it’s delicious.

Yuck has been likened to old-school garage rock like Dinosaur Jr. I definitely hear the resemblance, but my initial listen actually reminded me more of Japandroids. Yuck’s squealing, distorted guitar lines scream of everything that noise-rock and garage-rock is made of, but the lead singer’s vocals, especially in songs like “Get Away” or “Operation,” are more aggressive than J Mascis’. He certainly sings with vigor!

Get Away by Yuck

But Yuck are not at all Japandroids clones. If noise-rock isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll be relieved to know that these guys also know how to play without feedback and distortion on full blast. Their debut is sprinkled with quite a few “clean” tracks, which I assume are the reason that Yuck has been labeled as an “indie-rock” band. “Shook Down” and “Suicide Policeman” really caught me off guard on the first listen, as they’re not what you’d expect from an album that opens up “Get Away.” “Georgia,” yet another sound, sees a blending of male and female vocals that has a hint of The Velvet Underground & Nico in it (that could be the only time I say that in a positive light). Yum.

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MAN it feels good to write here again.

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