October 30, 2010

Eyelid Movies - Phantogram

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I can't stand to leave October off my archives so here's a short little writeup on an album that's no longer relevant ;( I've found that I have very little time to work on anything for this blog, but there is so much new music to write about that I am going to have to make time!

In other news, the first issue of Nordic News came out today! <3 I'll try to post my two articles here (both music related).

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Phantogram’s debut is one of those albums though excessively bathed in repetition, is all too easy to enjoy initially. The melodies are simple and all too predictable, but just interesting enough to hold in your attention for the tracks’ short, 3-4 minute spans. The rhythms get away with their lack of variation and boldness just by being catchy. And even when these elements don’t completely satisfy, you can mellow out to the female vocalist’s sweet voice.

Sarah Barthel and Joshua Carter have fairly equal roles as vocalists on the album, but the tracks with Barthel’s vocals are really the ones that stand out. Her very fluid vocals are better suited to the drowsy, dreamy feel of the record than Carter’s are. His voice sounds very dry in a place where things are constantly flowing. His stronger moments in songs like “You Are The Ocean” and “Futuristic Casket” find his voice submersed beneath the melodies, following them more smoothly, but Barthel’s similar vocal approach feels more natural.

But just a few spins on this record leaves it feeling very run down and boring. Besides “Mouthful of Diamonds” and maybe “When I’m Small,” none of it is worth revisiting frequently. The first couple listens drains the album of all its vitality and the songs become monotonous; merely “background music.”

Rating: 6.7/10

Posted by Anna at October 30, 2010 09:01 PM