August 29, 2010

Boris & Red Sparowes @ Neumos


Helms Alee played as well. I mostly went to this show to see Red Sparowes (call me boring, whatever), but Boris headlining was also a plus. I'm not even obsessed with Red Sparowes or anything, but I've been wanting to go to a post-rock show for ages. Most all post-rock bands that filter through Seattle play at Neumos, where nearly every show is 21+. So... this Red Sparowes show is probably one of the few opportunities that will come up for me for a while to see some post-rock live.

I was fairly impressed by all three bands. I wasn't even expecting to like Helms Alee, as I heard their music online prior to the show and didn't enjoy it much, but apparently they sound much better live. Still, I was stroked to see Red Sparowes, and when they took the stage I was absolutely astonished. Up till that day, their latest album had never really 'clicked' with me, but hearing them play it live definitely changed something. They were just killer, but sadly only played a 45-minute set.

Boris. Boris was insane— but let me first say that I'm not actually familiar with their music all that much. I listened to Pink maybe once in 2k8 or something and enjoyed it, but I'm not well acquainted with anything beyond that. I feel like it's necessary to 'know' their music in order to fully appreciate their live show, but I was impressed regardless. I just wish I had stayed in the front longer (I was around 3rd row at the beginning) instead of going to the back in hope of actually getting to 'hear' their music. The acoustics blow in almost every corner of that venue and the insane volume at which Boris played at didn't really help. Better to stay in the front and have just have fun. I guess my only other complaint would be about the length of their setlist. One and a half hours? It would've been nice if Red Sparowes could have had 15 of those minutes (that's like one song I know w/e).

Helms Alee


Red Sparowes <3 u






so dro)))ne





Photos by Monika Sapek

P.S. Sorry for the lack of content this month. I'm currently working on a review of a lovely ambient album that will be posted soon and also have plans for other things too.

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