August 07, 2010



With only several minor releases to their name, sleepmakeswaves don’t have any one concrete release to speak for. Since their formation in 2006, the small Australian post-rock group has only released a self-titled demo, a 37-minute EP, and a split with fellow Australian instrumentalists, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving. Having had little opportunity to write full albums, sleepmakeswaves have found a way to condense their epic post-rock in individual tracks, while maintaining the same impact and intensity. They take varied, but obvious influences from many of the ‘big guys’, but whether building off of 65daysofstatic-esque electronic textures and beats, Mono’s dramatic atmospheres, or guitar lines with Mogwai’s ferocity, each song takes on a sparking individuality. They may lack complete originality, but are definitely engaging.

Though each of their releases are well worth dl’ing (they’re all free via net label Lost Children) and listening to, I personally enjoy their split with TToL most. It reaches the most beautiful climaxes and reminds me a lot of This Will Destroy You (whom I love very, very much omg). In Today Already Walks Tomorrow, their only EP, is a much darker and heavier piece, taking hints of post-metal at various points throughout. Their demo is their first work, and probably a worthy introduction. They also released a single song last month, titled “The Obstacle Is The Path”. Check it all out at either of the two lovely links below.


Posted by Anna at August 7, 2010 01:40 PM