June 28, 2010

Portugal. The Man @ Neumos


I finally had the opportunity to see Portugal. The Man last Friday! I’ve sadly had to skip out on them the last few times they’ve come around. I was rather devastated when the free show they played in Seattle a couple months back was 21+, but was relieved to hear they were coming back for an all ages show. So glad I didn’t have to pass this opportunity by again!

This had to be one of the first shows where I was as impressed by the opening bands as by the headliner. Morning Teleportation and The Builders and the Butchers are Portland-based bands supporting Portugal. The Man on a short wave of West Coast dates. The former are a very energetic and very strange psychedelic group. Something you’d imagine being the outcome of Algernon Cadwallader meets of Montreal. Yes, that weird. The latter, wielders of acoustic string instruments, are a surprisingly aggressive folk band. I never knew mandolins and banjos could be strummed so viciously. Their songs are titled as such: “Devil Town”, “Slowed Down Trip to Hell”, and “Raise Up Your Weary Hands”. Both bands were great and made the wait for Portugal. The Man (they played at 10.50, doors opened at 8.00) slightly less agonizing.

I suppose it paid off to arrive even earlier than 8.00, as I got to stand in the front row for one of my favourite bands. The acoustics at Neumos undoubtedly suck, but you can still hear a good amount up front (well, I wasn’t as deafened as when seeing the Antlers). I also snagged a setlist and got a high five from John ;) No American Ghetto material was played, but the show was still phenomenal, particularly the end. “People Say” and “AKA M80 the Wolf” plus “Created” and “1989” for encore. The lights were blindingly beautiful. I do regret not making a move into Portugal’s earlier work sooner as I was unfamiliar with most of the songs in the middle of the set. I bought Waiter: “You Vultures!” at the show though and I’m thoroughly addicted now!

Morning Teleportation




The Builders and the Butchers



Portugal. The Man

Sneaks peaks at the setlist. Hey, optical illusion: Is that a waterbottle or a paper cup?



This is how Portugal makes me feel on the inside.


I loved these lights




Non-shitty photos by Monika Sapek.

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