June 02, 2010

Spirit Youth - The Depreciation Guild


The Depreciation Guild’s latest poses a difficult comparison to 2007’s In Her Gentle Jaws, the band’s debut. Gentle Jaws, a swirl of fuzzy guitar laden with 80s-esque electronic sounds, drowned us in loud, dizzying shoegaze. Whatever hint of pop existed in their music then, Spirit Youth then took and expanded on. Now immersed in a dream pop sound, The Depreciation Guild tries their hand out while wandering down this new, cleaner direction— well okay, not always clean… they’ve just switched out some of blaring guitar for some lighter pop sounds.

While Gentle Jaws was a little less “generic”, upping up the band’s unique points, Spirit Youth presents something a little more familiar. That does not at all credit it to being boring or unoriginal though; it’s just layered with easily identifiable influences. The beginning of the album opens up with several Cocteau Twins–like melodies (songs like “Blue Lily”) and of course, a hint of MBV is undeniably evident in a lot of Spirit Youth’s guitar work (this is a shoegaze/dream pop album we’re talking about after all). But oddly enough, I’m most frequently reminded of Mew when listening to this album. Constantly, actually. The Depreciation Guild must have happened to land on the same line of dream pop that Mew often toys with, because “November” and especially “White Moth” could easily be songs from Frengers. Kurt Feldman’s voice also happens to have a strange likeness to Jonas Bjerre’s, so maybe that’s why this resemblance seems to be glaring me in the face so strongly.

Ultimately, it’s a pretty well polished dream pop album, despite not being so OUT THERE 100% original. “My Chariot”, “Crucify You”, and “White Moth” are really key tracks, in my opinion. Dear dream pop album, maybe I’ll reserve a place for you in my best of 2010 list. Possibly maybe.

Rating: 8.2/10


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Posted by Anna at June 2, 2010 09:47 PM