May 07, 2010

The Antlers at Neumos


Iím beginning to have doubts about the quality of shows at Neumos after seeing two flawless ones at The Showbox last month. Itís nice to be able to get close enough to the band to touch their feet (I donít actually do this), but itís definitely not worth it when you canít hear shit; just the deafening thumps of overpowered bass. And of course, it gets worse and worse the closer you get to the stage. I guess I was also expecting the Antlersí show to be kind of quiet-er. The sound didnít work too hot for them here. Vocals were basically gone. Drowned beneath the LOUDNESS. Which is a real shame, since the singer has a pretty nice voice.

But from what I could make out, they played pretty well. I couldnít see the drummer that well, but the dude on the keyboards was turning all sorts of knobs and tapping all these pedals through the entire showÖ I found myself watching his feet a lot.



Those little plants on the set were the greatest things ever.




[currently listening to: In The Attic Ė The Antlers]

Posted by Anna at May 7, 2010 08:39 PM