May 06, 2010

my flickr

My mum is a photographer and I've sort of taken that up as a hobby of my own over the years. But I've never really given it that much thought or attention until this year. Right now, I'm taking a film photography class at school and I'm absolutely in love with it. I've been using my dad's negative scanner to document and save my photos digitally as well as physically. I'm going to begin uploading them more frequently on my flickr.

I entered three pieces (2 photos and 1 photogram) into the Washington State High School Photography Competition recently. There were 3,495 entries and all three of mine were finalists in the categories I entered them in (top 18 are finalists)! The photo below placed 5th in b&w landscape, which is considerably better than I expected to do!


The results from the rest of the competition are shown here on the Kenmore Camera site, though only 1st-3rd places are shown.

Yesterday, I saw The Antlers play at Neumos so photos coming soon! (I know I've been neglecting posting things lately)

[currently listening to: Two - The Antlers]

Posted by Anna at May 6, 2010 03:08 PM