April 12, 2010

Jónsi at the Showbox SoDo

By reading this blog entry, I’m going to very safely assume that you’re either reading about a concert of Jónsi’s for: A. the first time, or B. not the first time (maybe the millionth). Whichever it may be, I’m not going to waste too much of your time with words. What use is there in trying to describe something so indescribable? I can toss around words like “beautiful”, “otherworldly”, and “unbelievable”, but they won’t do much good. So I suppose that from this point you can either skip to the photos and videos below, or continue reading through my spurt of messy thoughts if you’d like; but do keep in mind that I’ve still got my head way up in the clouds.


I remember when it was announced that 59 Productions was working with Jónsi on his tour, they said that no way would this just be Jónsi on stage with an acoustic guitar through the whole set. And from watching the show preview videos I knew that they were planning to produce something more than just a live show. It would be mindblowing. It turned out that the show did start out on a soft note, Jónsi at first unaccompanied by the band, and gradually grew to an immense climax as more instruments and more energy was introduced. But as soon as Jónsi stepped on stage alone, holding just his guitar, and let his haunting falsetto hit the air in “Stars in Still Water” ( “then did a shiver erupt amidst the crowd…”), I knew he didn’t need an expensive production to wow us. His voice is enough to drop the jaws of his audience and glaze their eyes over with tears.

That said, with all the added elements, the show rose to an even more seemingly unattainable level of awesome. The music was perfect and the production gorgeous. Everyone in the band played with incredible passion. And as the show rolled along so many things began to happen in the background it was hard to decide where to look and what to focus on. My mum and I both admit to tearing up during “Kolniður”. Musically, I can say it was the greatest part of the show, and if you add that to its gorgeous animation of the running wolf unwinding in the background, you’ve got a recipe for the most heartbreaking performance ever. The sky seemed to explode during that blowing crash in the middle of the song. Oh, just thinking about it…! “Animal Arithmetic”, during the encore, was also especially memorable. Jónsi came out in a headdress and danced like crazy. It was so fun! The energy kept flying till the very end of the show through the dizzying “Grow Till Tall”. But oh! This was “Grow Till Tall” like you’ve never seen it! The musical crescendo was complemented by a visual one as blinding lights and snowflakes swept off the stage and straight through your very heart till you were high with sorrow and euphoria. Really, if this wasn’t one of the greatest shows I will ever see in my life, then I’ve got a hell of a concert-going future ahead of me.


IMG_1121 Jonsi.jpg


IMG_1147 Jonsi.jpg


IMG_1156 Jonsi i Alex.jpg
cutest picture of all time ^^^

IMG_1161 small .jpg

IMG_1164 razem.jpg

IMG_1174 Jonsi i Ania .jpg
^^^ I met him after the show. He signed my CD in Icelandic and shook my hand :) Needless to say, it was the greatest day of my life.

Now, I'm hurrying off to go see The xx at the Showbox very very soon (same place, 2 days later! I feel some nostalgia coming on!). Might expand on this a bit later.

These photos were featured on [jonsi.com]!

You can see them on my [flickr] as well. I think I'm going to start using that thing!

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