March 16, 2009

A Little Mental Yoga

Okay, so I realize it's been a while. I actually can't even remember what I last wrote about (probably something uninteresting)... Oh, right... Sasquatch. Well, I have better news this time! I may not be going to see NIN/JA, of Montreal, and AC, but this June I will see Alessandro Cortini's band Modwheelmood (he's from NIN)!

That's my sexy guitar in the background ;D

He's also got another side project called blindoldfreak. The first album "1" was really nice, definitely worth checking out!

But moving on from music... This weekend, I did a sketch of Rob Sheridan's "Broken Robot Girl" photograph. He's just about my favourite artist and I love robots (so does he!!!) so I really couldn't resist. If I'm violating some copyright that prevents me from reproducing this in any way... Sorry, I'm just a big fan of your work ;D And I can't wait to see the next photos in the series. Anyways, here it is:


I know I don't have the face right at all, but it was really fun to draw.

Aside from that stuff... things have still been pretty chaotic... Some mixed up feelings about things which I will not go into detail about. Bleh... A teenage life ;)

[currently listening to: Purple People (Christmas in Space) - Tori Amos]

Posted by Anna at March 16, 2009 03:57 PM